Our work

We dream to create a future for struggling children


Building a better world for and with children

We work hard to protect children from harm and help them access quality education and health services.

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Medical Support

Your help will provide resources for dialysis, blood tests, and other essential medical exams for a kidney transplant

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Physical Health

Your help will provide access to physiotherapy which is crucial to strengthening their musculature and lung conditioning

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Mental Health

A lack of access to medical care when battling chronic kidney disease can truly take a toll on the mental health of young children

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Your help will provide hygienic equipment for patients in hemodialysis which can be major sources of infections

We are helping children and families around the world struggling from Kidney Disease.

Bring people together, foster awareness, inspire positive change.

Welcome to Renovação de Vida!
We are a dedicated organization that is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and young people struggling with chronic kidney disease. Our mission is to raise funds through events that bring communities together to support those in need, creating a positive impact on their lives and giving them renewed hope for a brighter future.

Kidney disease can have a profound impact on the lives of children and young people, affecting their physical, emotional, and social well-being. At Renovação de Vida, we believe that every child and young person deserves the chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of their medical condition.

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